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But I think that I can probably talk my way out of the hole I dug. " - Ronnie Magro The great thing about this line, one of many great Jersey Shore quotes from last night's episode, is that Ron probably really believed it. Sam was PISSED when the cast watched the second season and she saw just how bad Ronnie Magro was creepin' on South Beach while they were "together."The rest of us have known about it for weeks, but Jersey Shore star Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola reportedly left the show late last week after watching some early Season Two episodes that reveal Ronnie Magro creepin' on random hoes. Last night on Jersey Shore, Ronnie continued his sleazy, drunken antics, Angelina sort of made up with peeps and Vinny may have done the unthinkable.As we've seen pretty much all season so far, Ron has been getting absolutely rip$h! Last night's Jersey Shore paled in comparison to last week's for the simple fact that the tired act that is Ronnie and Sammi overshadowed everything else. To sneak about unnoticed and in mysterious fashion; typically but not necessarily to convey the message that one is a sexual being. As Jersey Shore goes, Season 2, Episode 2 ("The Hangover") was not among the greatest.

While Ronnie pretended not to remember what he did the night before, Sammi gave him the cold shoulder ... The greatness/awfulness that is Jersey Shore is back. Popping some chick twice in the face at a Miami nightclub doesn't exactly seem like a "Sweetheart" move to us, but maybe it was done out of love?He worked for his father in real estate before starting his reality television career.He has a T-shirt line called Jersey Laundry and has appeared on shows such as The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. He dated Sammi Giancola on-and-off for all six seasons of Jersey Shore on MTV.As advertised, Season 2 features a new shore (pity Miami Beach), but the same crazy. We were concerned that the cast's celebrity status would diminish the show's luster, but the genuineness of these characters (for better or worse) was there. Sweetheart, said in one of the earliest Jersey Shore quotes that she is the sweetest b! The fist-pumping Jersey Shore cast members are under fire again for putting said fists where they don't belong.Two South Florida attorneys are filing assault charges - not against one of the dudes, but against Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola.

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