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Prime, CHS59, Gardener, fruit tree grower, jam and jelly maker, married 43 yrs, first grandson Oct 2006.

Likes: Naps, Sam Adams Pale Ale, Mexican food, all good food, Tequila Gold Dislikes: tofu, pickles, well done steaks.

Nicknames: Wayne-o, Waimea Wayne, Uncle Wayne Prime, CHS56, I was born at a very young age and then went to Coronado High.

I am a beach person, sports person, wine maker, teacher, coach & Mexico traveler. I became a skier, tennis player, and a lover of fine beer and great friends.

Nicknames: Flying Gringo (in Mexico), Jimmy Buffett. Platinum Plus, recovering Black Shoe (USN), part-time consultant... Likes: tolerant, easy-going people, visiting new places, biking NADO, the Coronado Library (best Govt service), good beer, good wine, good scotch.

Nicknames: Howie, , CHS58, selected to the Beer Club based on my age so that we would not be sued for age discrimination. Dislikes: Complainers, aggressive loud people, I don't like okra either.

Likes: All Mexican beer, Mexican food and Mexico...especially Baja. Nicknames: Bob, Kip, Kippy, Yum, The Kipster, Old frog, Special Ed teacher, father of one.

Dislikes: Warm beer, cold water (ocean), politics, religion, dress codes and ladies sin credit cards. Sponsor: Tom Mustin Likes: John Wayne, sailors, history, coffee, beer, oldies, beach music, Rolling Stones, Blues and sports.

Dislikes: Traffic, bad drivers, bad weather, pop music, dumb jokes, North Korea Hobbies: Golf, tennis, basketball, guitar, reading good novels MS: 15 July 09, DOPS: 24 May 14, Osmium Exquisite, CHS57, oldest living CHS ASB President, Retired Navy and USD professor. MS: 16 July 09, Osmium Exquisite, CHS62, father of 6, grandfather of 13, Christian school owner / operator. Nicknames: Wookie and "D."MS: 26 August 09, Osmium Prime, Former Naval Aviator, owned Avis rental car in Coronado until 2000 then retired.

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