Political speed dating pack

And she found herself drawn to the older, charismatic politician.Soon, the two were spending a lot of time together.'He was fun, with a wicked sense of humour,' she says.'He had the best jokes and easily the most interesting political stories. I was captivated by his worldliness.'For several months, the friendship remained platonic, with Farage something of a father figure.In an explosive interview, Annabelle Fuller, once a speechwriter and trusted adviser to the party and its leader, says she and Farage, a married man more than 17 years her senior, had a sexual relationship dating from 2004 until October last year.Farage, a Member of the European Parliament, has himself spoken of the 'betrayal' of family values in British society.We are both liars and hypocrites but the reason I had to lie throughout the years was that I didn't want Ukip or the cause we were fighting for to be damaged.'He said, 'They will use anything they can to stop this, they will use anything they can to stop me. They will come after you.' 'Although the relationship was consensual, Ms Fuller believes Farage should have taken more responsibility for his actions.

Whenever Nigel left to go back to England, it was horrible and I was desolate.'He couldn't even call me on the phone because he said he was with his family.

I also helped with his speeches and parliamentary amendments. It didn't feel improper.'Our relationship grew very slowly over several months.

After a while, he took me into his confidence – personally and politically.'Farage had been with his wife, German-born Kirsten, since 1999, but he told Ms Fuller that it was a marriage in name only.'He said that it was an unhappy relationship and had been for some time.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a close member of her family expressed anger at the way events played out, saying: 'Nigel has acted appallingly with regard to Annabelle.

In 2005, he seemed to care for her but by last year he was treating her as an afterthought.

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